Kite Designer



I’ve been making foils for a few years now. Being an engineer and a software programmer I wondered how the foil calculation programs calculated the templates, bridle lines, … and so on. So I started drawing some sketches, looking for mathematical formulas to calculate the base shape and curving of the kite. Then try to position the ribs on that base shape. all this first on paper, then in excel. Before I knew I had a little kite calculator. Then my brother came up with the idea to put all this in a website so others can use it. A few weeks later I bought this domain.

How it works:

The designer is build up out of two parts. you have the designer itself, then you have the forum.

In the designer you can play around just to see if u like it. If u want to store your creations then register on the forum. your kites will be stored in your account. you can use the forum to report bugs, show your creations propose improvements to the designer etc.

I will continue to improve the software and add new functions. So don’t worry if some things are not supported yet.

Have fun 😉