Links to other websites I truly love.

Kite related: (dutch)

  • Reinhart Paelinck does not only develops kites. He looks into using kites for other purposes like generating electricity! You can find him explaining on YouTube. I love it when people think outside the box, thumbs up!

Ad Branger’s blog (dutch)

  • Ad has lots of interesting technical articles about kiting. To bad the pictures on his blog have broken links, the kites he sews are supper neat!


  • Lots of work, even more patience. But look at the results! Not only the kites but also the video’s are a true artist work.

  • Kites, electronics and software… feels like coming home. (english / german)

  • This web shop is where i buy most of my materials. They have a big variety of Kite making materials.



  • Great source of schematics. Always good to have a look here if your looking for a solution to your problem. (dutch)

  • If your dutch speaking and into electronics then you probably already know it. The biggest dutch electronics community.

  • When i started with electronics, development boards where mostly aimed at professional company’s making them very expensive leaving poor students do solder micro-controllers and being unable to play with smd processors. These guy’s changed that for me.



  • Lots of handy tools. Unbelievable they are all written by one guy.

  • Troubles with excel and vba? Only one website you need to know.